Development of smart fridge system for Android

OData support
Gazdi László
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Nowadays almost every person owns a smartphone. Due to the rapid development of technology, the early briefcase-sized phones have been replaced with devices that not only fit in a pocket, but are incomparably smarter too. The integration of these into everyday life is constantly growing, for instance in the case of voice control where the phone can already fulfil the tasks of a personal assistant. However simpler examples also exist such as to-do lists and note taking. It’s worth mentioning though, that this area is not yet fully exploited yet, for example the speech-based filling of databases is not very widespread yet.

Over the last few decades shopping habits have changed, mainly due to the improvements of vehicle technology. Over-shopping is a present day problem in the developed countries. A huge part of food ends up in the trash without being consumed, which not only has an enormous effect on the agriculture, but also cannot be considered economical.

As for me, one of the potential solutions is an Android application. The users can add products to the home stock by speech or barcode scanning. The app notifies the user in advance and recipes can be searched too. Obviously, these lists can be shared among members of the household. In my thesis I introduce the planning and implementing of this solution.

In the thesis I determine the system requirements and choose a platform. Next, I specify the functions, and I search and introduce the used technologies. After the development of the architecture, I show some of the more interesting steps of the implementation, and I analyse the results of the User Acceptance Test. Lastly, according to the reviews I fix the issues and implement new functions.


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