Statechart-based development of smart contracts for consortial blockchains

OData support
Kocsis Imre
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Applications of distributed ledger technologies, like blockchain, are quickly

emerging. However, the techniques of developing such applications are not

ready for the challenges the platform requires. Numerous study showed that

model-based software design is a right path for distributed applications.

With the use of model-based software design and code generation, the code can

be secure, as it can be easily verified with various tools already existing.

This thesis gives a short overview of distributed ledger technologies and

presents the design of two code generators targeting consortial blockchain

networks. The thesis extends the idea of model-based Smart Contract

development by designing an automated code generator for statechart-based

asset management on the Hyperledger Composer platform. Also, in this thesis,

I present a general purpose code generator to create statechart-based smart

contracts for Hyperledger Fabric.

Finally, a model checking technique is introduced to validate the generated

Fabric code against simple logical expressions.


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