A system to guide sightseeing with smart phones

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Dr. Do Van Tien
Department of Networked Systems and Services

In my diploma I examined the possibility of listening sightseeing tours via smart phones. The main goal was to create a simple to use system that can be used by a wide variety of devices.

To achive this, I looked after the technical solutions, and created 3 possible architectures (A, B, C), that can serve the audio streams to the users. The architectures consists of 3 parts, a server, the Wi-Fi network and the client devices. In case of the A architecture a PC server was connected to the Wi-Fi router with a LAN cable. In the B architecture an Android tablet was connected wirelessly to the router. And finally in the C architecture the Android server behaved like an access point too, so the users could connect to it directly.

During the planning, I made some measurements to find out the maximum number of users that can be served by the different architectures. After the planning I specified and designed the Android server and the client application as well. Finally I tested all the 3 architectures to see the real capabilities of the systems.

In the view of the tests I can tell that the A and B architectures could serve a boat with a capacity of 100 people. In case of the C architecture the test tablet

could serve only 14 devices of a time. This is limited by the Wi-Fi chip set of the tablet. Hopefully this will change in the future.


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