Ecosystem Simulation in JAVA

OData support
Eredics Péter
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

In this thesis, I will make an ecosystem simulation. Nowadays, artificial intelligence is developing very fast, because the needed computational capacity is available. The world of computer games is not an exception either, as more and more choose this way of relaxation, so developers trying to make these games more enjoyable. I will make the simulation of the environment, which contains essential elements, like a basic weather, plants, herbivores and predators. I will try to create these living beings in a realistic way, so they can make contact with their environment, in order to create a living ecosystem. Just like in real life, in my world the plants will grow, herbivores eat them, whose would be hunted by the predators.

The simulator will be implemented as an executable application which can be built in another programs. To insure traceability, I will make a basic GUI, where we can observe the events of the world. Besides, I will place a few diagrams which will record and display every important data during the whole simulation.


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