Development of an education support system in .NET Core and Angular environments

OData support
Sik Tamás Dávid
Műszaki Pedagógia Tanszék

I chose the topic of my dissertation development in web technologies. To create the backend, I used the latest version of the ASP .NET Core Framework and I used the Angular environment to implement the client side. I decided to use ASP .NET Core because only the ASP .NET MVC was known for me and I would like to use the recent framework's functions and alternations. I chose the Angular platform because I wanted to build a modern SPA client application to access the server’s features and resources.

During the selection of the task, it was an important aspect to me that to try new technologies and techniques. For example, creating a real-time communication, which I implemented with the SignalR library.

The task was to create an application that would make the education more interesting, for instance by completing tests on a phone or computer.

In the first chapter of my thesis, I will detail the task, which are the main features of the application. In the next chapters, I am going to present the technologies and libraries which I used, thereafter I shall detail the implementation of the client and server-side application. As a closing, I will show the client-side use of the completed application.


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