Development of assignment administration portal on JavaEE platform

OData support
Dr. Szeberényi Imre
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The goal of my thesis was to design and develop an assignment administration portal for educational use, based on web technologies, therefore widely available to use for users, independent of operating system or physical location. Additional goal was to get to know and present the technologies needed for this.

The education administration portal has to support management of attendees and sub-jects, creation of groups, assignment and evaluation of tasks. The Hercules portal has been used at the university for a long time, providing the same functionality but the maintenance of the code has become troublesome, hence the need for a new application based on modern technologies.

The chosen technology to implement the application with was the Java Enterprise Edi-tion, which is widely used for creating Java based web applications and the Java pro-gramming language taught in the bachelor program gives a good basis for it.

In the first chapter I give detailed information about the application to be implemented.

In the second chapter I present the basic structure of Java Enterprise Edition, review its building blocks and their relations to each other.

The third chapter describes the steps taken to create the application, from setting up the needed environment to designing and implementing it.

Lastly I present the application in the form of screenshots and I show a potential feature that could enhance the application in the future.


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