GPS receiver RF modul design for eductaional purpose

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Fehér Gábor
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

In the decade the GPS (Global Positioning System) was made public and started a revolution in the field of outdoor localization. Todays a graduated electric engineer must know about the technology behind the GPS. From the circuit designers view it is obvious to examine the receiver technology, however the commercially available GPS receivers are system on a chip devices and their intermediate signals and the circuit design is not available public.

The aim of this work is to build a GPS receiver for education purpose, which is capable to provide interfaces to the internal signals of the receiver. The device is built form simple circuit elements (mixer, amplifier, filter, AD converter).

In my work first, I briefly introduce the reader to the GPS, the structure of the GPS signals, and receiver instruments. After this I will present the design and implementation of an RF frontend for a GPS receiver. Also I will explain how I designed algorithms in MATLAB that are capable of recognizing a specific satellite signal from the digitized dataflow coming out from the previously mentioned RF frontend.


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