Configuration management for educational cloud infrastructure

OData support
Gönczy László
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Cloud computing solutions are increasingly being used in IT infrastructure design. The introduction of cloud computing solutions can significantly increase the efficiency of a company's infrastructure usage and reduce deployment and operational costs.

The objectives of the Apache Virtual Computing Lab (VCL) open source project have been formulated considering the use cases of IT infrastructure in higher education institutions. By using VCL, the provisioning, storage and remote access to lab environments can be made easier. With VCL, preparations for laboratory classes and courses can be sped up; accessing the equipment and maintenance can be made easier. VCL may also help to realize computing clusters built to solve computing-intensive tasks related to university research. These services are provided by applying virtualization technologies, using and managing virtual and physical computing resources.

Nowadays, system monitoring, configuration change management and event processing solutions play an important role in IT management. Without these tools, an infrastructure consisting of numerous resources would not be efficient enough; achievement of an appropriate level of service would not be possible.

At this time no such tools are available in VCL. My task therefore was to find freely available tools, and to realize the aforementioned services by integrating them into the VCL environment.


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