Development of an education support mobile application with cross-platform technologies for iOS and Android OS

OData support
Sik Tamás Dávid
Műszaki Pedagógia Tanszék

For my thesis topic, I did choose the development in cross-platform technology Moreover, to be specific, I did choose the rather young development framework, called Flutter SDK, where the developer mostly uses the language Dart, which is created by Google. The project I use for showing the pros and cons of the Flutter framework, is an education support application, which is targeting secondary school students. In the project, there is a front-end and back-end part, developed by my project partner. For me, the back-end is more important and the communication with it. In my thesis, I write some information, about the setting of the .Net Core back-end, that are important for a mobile development, and a section, about the basic of running an application on the Azure server.

The hardest part of the project, is that the Flutter SDK is new for me and also the learning and absolving the Dart syntactic was a bit tricky. Beside this, the SDK is great for fast development, if the programmer is used to the Dart and Flutter schemes, and also has a basic knowledge of creating the usual elements and using it to create good mobile design for the user. The Flutter SDK is rather young, don’t have, as much development time in it, as React Native, but all in all, the framework gives the developers a lot of handy equipment to develop good applications for both Android and iOS systems.


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