Cloud for education with Azure

OData support
Dr. Szeberényi Imre
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The cloud management system developed by BME IK and IIT offers a significant support for educational tasks. The increasing number of users requires replacement of the hardware infrastructure by integrating with a cloud provider’s infrastructure.

In my thesis I examine a particular possibility of such an integration using Microsoft Azure. During my work, I got to know CIRCLE’s functional model, architecture, and use cases. After getting to know the functional model of CIRCLE, I was looking for a programmer interface for Azure to implement those functionalities.

After that, I designed the necessary components, and implemented the most important ones as proof of concept.

In my thesis, I introduce CIRCLE’s use cases, architecture, and the possibilities I encountered during designing the components.

1. Introduction. What is CIRCLE. The motivation to develop the new system. What we mean by integration. The final goal, and how much of this I can accomplish during my thesis.

2. CIRCLE’s architecture. Using the system. Getting to know the components task, connection, implementation.

3. Azure’s architecture. Looking for services that can provide the functionalities I got to know in the previous chapter. Get to know the programmer interface of Azure.

4. Integration. Design the new components of CIRCLE using Azure’s services.

5. Implementation details. Implement the components discussed in the previous chapter as “proof of concept”.


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