Analysis equipment for oil level sensor

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Dr. Németh Pál
Department of Electronics Technology

Nowadays the electrical sensors are widespread used in the automotive industry. In this thesis the development of a laboratory test and measurement test for oil level sensors is presented. This equipment is capable to offline (independent from the car) evaluate the function of the oil level sensors of the VW concern cars. These sensors deliver actual information about the temperature and level of oil in the engine through an integrated electronic. Serious failures can occur in the engine due to a faulty message about these oil parameters, sent from the sensor to the ECU. My project was to develop and create a system, which is capable to test the sensors under variable level and temperature environment. This device has to decide whether the complained sensor in the electric laboratory is truly defected.

In my thesis I am going to describe the contribution of oil in the engine, the historical development of the sensors, and shortly present the main milestones of the production. A list of failures, which can occur during the production and operation, is enclosed.

I have planned and realised the measurement and control hardware. I wrote the controlling software in LabVIEW: a graphical IDE (Integrated Development Environment). I have to acquire a new programming language. To evaluate the oil level and temperature I had to digitalize the raw signal from the sensors and measure the length of correct time periods.

Four sensors could be measured at the same time by the equipment. The evaluation of the signals is done real-time. The parameters could be changed during the measurements. Finally I am going to summary my work and giving an overview about the further development opportunities.


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