Developing of solvent vapor detection unit

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Dr. Gál László
Department of Electronics Technology

My task was developing a solvent vapor detection unit which can detect the limits of vapor concentration in the printed circuit board laboratory of Electronical Technology Department.

During my research I determinated the occurent solvent vapors and those limit values, this concentration is 150-200 ppm. Then I analysed and showed the main types and operations of gas sensors and vapor sensors and I choosed a type which fit for purpose and I presented examples to use. I reviewed the operation of selected type, I constructed a test circuit from its datasheet. From the conclusions of the test I choosed the components of the prototype with LED-light indicating and I designed it in CAD. The prototype was assembled from the planes. In the labour I measured how meets it the requirements. From the results of measurement I pointed that the circuit has limited accuracy and can indicate other vapors. During my task I could not calibrate the prototype with certificated detector so it causes accuracy too. The unit can detect 200 ppm concentration with some accuracy.

Finally I suggested some advice for developing the unit and eliminating the negative attributes.


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