Investigation of the correlation between the microstructure and the macroscopic behaviour of the solder joint

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Dr. Hurtony Tamás József
Department of Electronics Technology

Nowadays an increasing emphasis is put on the studies of the reliability and applicability of lead free solders. My thesis explores the connections between the microstructure of lead free solders and their macroscopic qualities.

My aim is to set up an experimental method in which it is possible to reproducibly create soldered bonds in order to analyse them. The thesis begins with the concept of soldering, presenting the solders used for soldering.. I reveal the disadvantages of lead free solders compared with leaded solders.

Intermetallic Compounds and their effect on soldered bonds created during soldering are analysed. Microstructures produced in these soldered bonds can differ in the regard of the parameters of the soldering technics. I am invetigating the the connections between the soldering parameters and the macroscopic porperties of the solder joint.

I examine the currently known industrial qualification technologies and then select the most suitable for my analyses. With the help of the chosen method, the soldered bonds are classified and the relationship between the microstructure and the macroscopical properties are revealed.


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