Omnidirectional robot development: construction, modeling and control

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Dr. Harmati István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

My thesis has been written in the Robothockey Project running on the Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology. The Robothockey Project was launched in the years past as a joint venture at BME, two Canadian and a Transilvanian Universities. The start of the project was inspired by the 2010 Vancouver winter olympic games.

The basic aim of the research project was to create a robot hockey team, in which the robots are able to fight against each other without any human interference. During the game only the control computer permitted to send information to the robots, the operator just allowed to send start and finish commands to the computer.

To achieve the goals in Robothockey Project it is indispensable to design and build the best members of robot hockey team, then to implement the low and high level control of hockey robot and lastly to work out the framework of the game.

The aim of this thesis, set out from the foregoing results, is to model and build a well maneuverable, „skating”, so called omnidirectional robot, and to implement programs which make possible the robot to move.

In this thesis, it will be shown the final mechanical construction of the omnidirectional hockey robot and its mathematical model. The thesis describes the process of the robot building and the materials used during the procedure in order to reproduce it in the future. It also introduces the programs made for the low level controlling of the hockey robot. At last it demonstrates the point to point and trajectory following algorithms which are based on visual feedback.


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