Development of an Omnidirectional Robotic Platform

OData support
Kiss Domokos
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Significant amount of international and Hungarian studies relate to robotics. This group

consists of UAV-s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), fully or partially controlled units taking

part in rescuing and some children’s game too. Omnidirectional drives are a main part of

robotics that can be used on flat surfaces. The wheel of these drives are special, because

there are rollers around it allowing sliding.

Our goal was to build a device that could be used for the purpose of research and could

be included in educational duties. We used a platform that has special wheels (Swedish

wheel) which allow the modul to change its orientation and position independently.

First I describe the aforementioned platform, then the hardware in detail that was

designed for the module. A layer of application code had to be written for the platform

for its fundamental functions to be usable. I had to create a control that can interpret

position information from the computer and control the wheels accordingly. Finally I had to

implement a client that could send control information to the platform and read information



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