Investigating tin whiskers on different surface finishes

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Dr. Illés Balázs György
Department of Electronics Technology

Tin whisker formation is a serious problem of lead-free soldering technology. It is hazardous for high-density electronic devices, because it can make short circuit. It is a spontaneous phenomenon in lead-free soldering technology: tin whisker mainly occurred in the tin or tin rich alloy plating, but the plating with lead or the using of nickel underplating can mitigate the whisker growth. Besides the tin rich alloys, tin whisker growth is related to oxidation of the solder surface and compressive stress in the interior.

In my thesis I have done researches about tin whisker formation. I have red many different scientific articles in this topic and made three different experiments. In the first one I searched the effect of copper alloy for tin whisker formation. In the second one I searched the growth of intermetallic compound in tin caoting with silver underplating. In the third one I have done experiments about tin whisker formation in electroless tin coatings with different enviromental parameters.


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