Designing and Implementing Mobile Application for Recommendation System of Project Laboratory Topics

OData support
Dr. Tapolcai János
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The recommendation systems are today’s starting point. We use them every day even if we didn’t think. We collect likes on Facebook, read comments under articles on news sites and we make decisions of watching a film by having a look at its IMDb rating.

The goal of the thesis was to design and implement a user friendly recommendation application. After downloading and installing the application, the students can browse among open project topics, read the details of them and even perform advanced searches. The advanced search is built around an 8-question-quiz, that is digested by a filter system to offer the 5 best topics that best suit the students’ needs.

In the same way as by the topics, the browsing and searching of professors and teachers are also possible, so the app is not only for the students, the teachers can use it as well. There is a timetable-like interface for them where they can store their courses and the students who participate in those labors. Important to note that to this function one can only be admitted by authenticating with his or her professor’s Neptun code.

At first, I made the graphical user interface. I created the main menu, and placed those tile-style buttons, which make possible to reach quickly the most important features of the application. The surface of the app changed a lot by the development because several features became more relevant than those functions that I planned to implement at the beginning.

Secondly, I created the questions and the optional answers. Fortunately, a part of them were already created by my consultant when I started working on my project, so I did not have to work on them a lot.

The third part was the coding part and implementing all those ideas and features that me and my consultant planned. I created the main functions of the application, such as: The weighting function that is used in the filter system to select the proper topics according to the answers in the quiz. The automating of the file downloading from the Internet. The parsing of different files (csv, text, xls etc.) and creating a welcome activity, where all these data get downloaded so the user does not have to wait when using the application. The last part was the testing.

My application is now stable, tested, easy to use and I hope the future students will enjoy using it and benefit from it.


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