Solderability tests of tin coatings

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Dr. Molnár László Milán
Department of Electronics Technology

Recently in the electronic industry solder wettability is one of the most common failure resource. The Printed Circuit Boards have to endure more than one soldering process – for example: selective soldering, reflow soldering etc. – during the manufacturing. The heat treatment, the increasing oxide layer and the surface parameters have a great influence on the quality of the solder joints. If the conditions not appropriate the solder joints could easily break due to mechanical stress during function. Therefore the examination of the previously mentioned parameters is critical. Also, the development of the components result in the decreasing of the distance between component leads. Due to the decreasing sizes the importance of coplanarity increased. Without coplanar component leads some solder joints couldn't form, because of the distance between the lead and the plated surface. Therefore the morfological examinations, focused mostly on the lead-free applications, play a great role in ensuring the appropriate coplanarity.


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