Implementation of an on-demand enterprise trading application on SOA platform

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

In my thesis, I have implemented an on-demand enterprise trading application which not only offers an inventory to the clients, but the operation of web shop as well. My system is offered as a service, and the client has to pay after the actual time spent running the service.

In the first part of my thesis, I introduce the technologies used by the service. The service-oriented architecture and its standards first, then the operation of the web services and also the construction of SOAP communication protocol.

In the next part, I describe the progression of the development of the services. First, I show you the creation and structure of the database. Then I specify the process of designing the web services. I present the processes supported by the services, the realization of user authentication and the encryption of the data transferred over the Internet to make the communication safe. Last but not least, I present the finished websites with its functions and describe the ASP.NET MVC technology I used.

In the last chapters, I write about the testing of the finished web services and websites, and I also review the future opportunities of this project.


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