Lane Following Control Development for an Autonomous Car

OData support
Kiss Domokos
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The main goal of my thesis was to get to know, simulate, and test in practice several contol systems on a small-sized working model car. Designing printed circuit board and image processing were additional tasks. I have successfully completed them during the making of this thesis.

I got to know several kinematic and dynamic car models and I designed multiple state-feedback controls and nonlinear predictive controls. I simulated these models and controls using Matlab, Matlab Simulink, LabView and V-rep. I designed a unique motor controller circuit and image processing to improve line-following on a Raspberry Pi 2 and a camera module. I performed measurements to acquire the parameters of the model car, and successfully implemented a state-feedback steering control based on tyre slips and forces.

Several potentially successful fields of research emerged while analysing and testing the control possibilities of the car. For example the nonlinear predictive control that can result in an effective control technique or a car control with combined tyre forces. I am looking forward to use these valuable knowledge and experience in practice in the future.


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