Implementing a self service portal solution for applying telecommunication services

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

My task is to create a self-service portal where users can report incidents and

service requests can be submitted. Before the implementation I made a research work in

order to create an optimal application that meets the needs of companies and developers

too. The Framework Program is the IBM Smart Cloud Control Desk (short for IBM

SCCD), where the portal has been developed. The portal has two parts, one is for the

user interface and one is for the administrator interface and the application of

established processes.

Functions provided by the framework and the SCCD as user rights management,

database maintenance tool, software repository, internal application development, all of

the functions serves my goal. In my thesis I will present to what other solutions are

provided by not the IBM Company. In the following I will represent some other

applications like Microsoft System Center 2012, Manage Engine and HP service

Anywhere. I deal with part of the development planning phase, in which a special

phases of the creating and main stages of development and the concept. During the

development I will use the well-known XML, Java EE and Python scripting

languages. Finally, I represent the final service and some further development ideas


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