Online Shoppinglist on Angular platform

OData support
Gincsai Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

There are small or large shoppings, most people write a list for small shoppings too, just what's left out of the house or just simply needed.

The problem with these lists is that we just sit down and write it, but usually not all the items come to our mind and usually somethings gets forgotten. And if we select the method to keep track of the products as they run out, they are often mixed and therefore we will not purchase the product.

This is a web application that helps you to track your shoppings without paper and pen. You only need a smartphone, where you can manage your lists and click on the products that you have already placed into the cart. Of course, this list can be managed on your PC too, if you do not want to type all the items on your phone screen.

You can create multiple lists at a time if you want to seperate your shoppings, either by store or by product type.

Elements are sorted by priority, so the most important things are definitely will not be forgotten. The products which are purchased, are gray and placed at the bottom of the list so that they do not interfere with the further shopping process.


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