Direct Sales Portal Development using Modern Web Technologies

OData support
Semeráth Oszkár
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

As a result of digital revolution people living in more developed countries requires to be able to buy new insurances online from home or even while they are traveling. The pro-vision of online sales system decreased the time of queuing in offices significantly and reduced the time of the process.

The previously designed and implemented system became obsolete because of the evolving technologies and the new internet-capable devices. These devices are not able to visualize properly the user interface (UI) which was optimized for PCs. These new UIs should be interactive to be well understandable and ensure the easy use. It is not necessary to change the whole existing system, only the user interface, so we need to make a connection between the new technologies and the legacy system.

The aim of my thesis is to give some example of creating frontend and backend modules corresponding with the modern requirements, and examining the way they connect and the security solutions, and also giving some more advice to improve security.

In this thesis I will create three static frontend module following the costumer needs and using these pages I will present the main functionality of the system. These pages will be responsive, they will follow the resizing of the screen so they will appear perfect-ly on PC, tablet and mobile as well. I will also implement two module using backend functionalities. After all I will examine and compare the communication technologies (MQ, Web Service, RPC, sending CSV files), and I will present ways how it grants security.

This document gives a high level picture about this direct sales portal. It shows how can we create a modern sales system using the introduced technologies and we learn how can we reduce its vulnerability.


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