Implementation of an online epidemiological knowledge-base system

OData support
Dr. Kovács Levente
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The publication of scientific results has always been a decisive part of the

research process. Beside the availability of the usual linear formats (articles, conference

presentations) the accessibility over the world wide web emerged, which provides

opportunity for using dynamic data contents and shared online work with other experts

as well.

In my thesis the options of an online knowledge base for the results of a specific

epidemiological research were examined, and the most appropriate software was

implented. Finally, the documentations and guides needed for efficient use and further

development were prepared.

In the first part, the user requirements for the required software were collected,

and then, the existing solutions were examined in the light of these considerations,

taking the theory of knowledge management into account.

The different types of systems were evaluated on the conformity of user needs,

and the resulting specific systems were analysed. After the summary of the analyses, the

best software was selected which meets the requirements.

Next, the selected XWiki Enterprise system was presented, especially in terms

of how it satisfies the needs of users.

The installed system was configured according to the preferences, and the

systematically structured epidemiological research results were uploaded. Finally, the

needed additional developments were implented, constantly striving for more userfriendly


A detailed User and Developer Documentation was also created.


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