Development of online device and sample management application

OData support
Dr. Ender Ferenc
Department of Electron Devices

Processing sample data became a crucial part of laboratory work especially in regards of biological samples. The spreading of computer assisted technologies (e.g. LIMS, Laboratory Information Management System) enabled highly effective sample management processes. My thesis work aimed to design such a system for the Complex Hardware Design Laboratory at BME Department of Electron Devices, where only manual sample handling was available before. After studying the available LIMS platforms the specification of the system was compiled and the list of modules and functions were determined to build up the system plan. The up to date internet technologies were studied in depth. Taking their advantages and disadvantages the most beneficial technologies were selected to accomplish the required functionalities. During the development of the software the functionality was always adjusted in regards of the constantly emerging needs from the user side. The system consists of a webcam module as well which is able to read and analyze the QR code sticker placed on the sample tubes. The recognized sample ID is stored in a database which can be handled by a web based user interface. On the top of the already mentioned functionality a file management module was developed as well. Binary and textual files can be uploaded and assigned to the samples. An own algorithm was developed to build up the data graph of the sample lifecycle and processing. The software also contains a search module which enables the selective filtering of the samples of the database. User side testing revealed that the software is reliable and ready to use, minor changes should be made in the future (as MSc thesis) though. The list of these required changes can be found at the end of this work.


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