Online information visualisation system

OData support
Dr. Kovács Tibor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The purpose of the Online Data View System is to be able to display data from an external source with an elegant and nice design. The system offers a user-friendly interface, where you can specify the input data, and set the external characteristics of the graph. Upon clicking the send button, the system notifies the modeling program to render out the pictures and upload them for the user.

We can ask ourselves the question that why do we need to use an external system to produce these graphs, when we already have a spreadsheet program that can make us graphs. One of the advantages of the ODVS is that we can make spectacular pictures and eye-catching charts with it. In today's information centered world the looks are very important, so there’s no need to say that an aesthetically pleasing graph can easily attract people's attention. Let’s take for example a presentation. People generally pay more attention on visual impulses, so a lecture or presentation with spectacular figures may entertain the audience more and keep up their interests while we speak. We can win the crowd’s attention at the first sight, if our slides aren’t made of boring lists and ugly charts on a plain blue background, rather it consists of modern, stylish, dynamically designed pages and graphs.

During the implementation I aimed to make the interface easy-to-use even for the common users. The system requires no user-side installation, it works fully online. If the user has the data file and the max file, that contains the example models and the scene preferences, then he/she will only need a browser with internet connection to make his/her graphs with the help of the system.


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