An ASP.NET MVC based online database of information related to books

OData support
Dr. Asztalos Márk
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The subject of my thesis is the development of an online application, which can store books, and allows the compilation of online bookshelves for users. All of this is shown on a clear-cut, easy to use user interface.

The application has been made on the ASP.NET MVC 4 platform. From the available Microsoft .NET languages I have chosen C# for the development. The storage of the data has been solved on Microsoft SQL Server, and the access to it is helped by Entity Framework.

The main implemented functionality of the application include user registration and logging, the storage of books, along with related properties, such as author, publisher, release, and genre, and the rating of these books as well as posting comments. Furthermore, similar to a social application, users can make friends and create or join groups. Within the group users can propose books for reading, compile questionnaires dynamically and send these to members of the group. Later, the completed questionnaires can be evaluated easily.

In my thesis I first introduce the used technologies with their advantages and disadvantages, and then the application structure and the realization of its features are shown. At the end I summarize my work.


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