Online query framework for presentations

OData support
Dr. Goldschmidt Balázs
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Mobile technology and the increasing availability of internet connection allows the lecture to become more interactive. One form of interaction is voting, when the audience vote on the possible answers of the question made by the lecturer. Thanks to technology the outdated forms of voting can be replaced by a new way, where filling out the poll online, anonymously with portable devices, like smartphone and laptop.

The main goal of my thesis is to implement user application with the above-mentioned purposes on both mobile and web platforms. Initial restriction was that the mobile client must be on Android platform, therefore the programming language became the Java. So definitely I was looking for such web technology which support the Java language, in the end I chose Google Web Toolkit.

The development had several stages, the first was creating a local Java application, which only purpose was to lay the foundations such as class structure, user interface design and implementation of operations. The application was built on client-server architecture, where the server's task was to contact and manage the database, the client was taking care of the user interface and managed the events.

Later the application was converted into website with the help of Google Web Toolkit, which was deployed on a web server later.

The last part was developing the mobile client, to allow students to vote on the lecturer polls from their devices. At this point several options came up, but in the end I chose a solution that enabled the Android client to use the existing system.


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