Development of an Online Multiplayer Browser-embedded Computer Game Using Unity

OData support
Dr. Szécsi László
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Today, browser based games became more and more popular. This is due to a serious need for installation-free, fast downloadable applications. Another branch of the game development, the so-called MMO games are growing in user base. In these games, large, three-dimensional virtual worlds are used.

My goal was to marry these two branches, the advantages, making a new game. Of course, I could not implement all this alone, if I need to develop the game engine and the Networking. So I chose the Unity and Badumna frameworks for this purpose. With these platforms I could better concentrate on those things which make a game more unique.

For an Internet application the downloading file size, and in multiplayer versions the size of the synchronization of sent data are critical, the virtual world has got limits. Thus the only viable way is to produce procedural geometries. In my game, the environment is a major city, with high houses and grid-style roads. Generating such a scene seems simple at first, in fact, it raises several problems. The road and house building should be done without duplications.

Unity is one of the best 3D game development frameworks. This is verified by prizes and awards, which were given to the creators. Supports various - desktop, web, and even mobile - platforms, has got serious graphics engine capabilities, it is very easy for developers to work-out. The web plugin penetration is high, on more and more computers available.

The Badumna Network Suite is a decentralized networking tool that can be easily integrated with Unity. We can develop games used by lots of players, without the need of server-farms.

That’s why I chose these technologies.


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