Developing the backend of an online multiplayer game on WebSocket

OData support
Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

It has happened countless times among friends, that they wanted to play some kind of card games (Poker, for example), but they lacked the necessary deck. The result is usually disappointment all around, then they move on from the idea.

This problem gave me the idea of developing an application, that supports multiple platforms. These are currently Android, iOS and WebClient. All you need is your phone or a computer to play.

Given the problem some more thought, I realized that there are several not so well-known games too, like Treff-nem. This is when I decided to create a software that can be developed to satisfy diverse requirements quickly, and easily. Optimally, this would mean almost exclusively UI on the front end, and game logic on the back end.

To achieve this, it was preferable not to jump right into making a specific app, but find out the opportunities and limitations of the dependencies, like client-server communication, message format of the communication, handling rooms on both sides, etc.

The goal of my thesis is to present the design and development process of such a framework, that is based on client-server communication, is able to provide a solution to the problem, and not only in the case of card games.


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