Developing online multiplayer game for multiple platforms

OData support
Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In the world there are many people, who like to play cards for fun, or even as a hobby. There is a problem that comes up among friends; they have different work schedules, or class schedules, so they cannot afford to spend a whole night together to play. That is the point, where online games become useful, and solve the problem, or at least soften it.

However, there cannot be found web or mobile applications for all kind of games, particularly not a multiplayer one. This problem has inspired us to develop an application, which supports various platforms (at the moment Android, iOS and a webclient), and easily extensible with further games. So, this way, even though they could not set up a game night in person, they can have the same feeling as playing together at long summer nights through smartphones or computers.

The goal of our team was to create a framework of an online multiplayer game, which can be completed with board games or cards with some quick and uncomplicated development.

My part of work and the theme of my thesis was to design and implement this framework and also a client application, which is running in browser.


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