Development of an online platform for Smart Home applications

OData support
Budai Péter István
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Because of the increasing computing performance, the embedded systems can provide even more rich functions. The areas of possible applications are becoming wider. Various home automation devices appear every day, but they use a dedicated protocol and separated physical network. Today it’s possible to connect several devices in a single network to enable communication and to perform cooperative tasks using the internet.

The fast interaction for events and changes is also increasingly important. This problem is easy to solve if the direction of the communication points from the client to the server or the devices have public address. But in most cases web-based devices can only be accessed via a subnet. A possible solution could be polling or continuous connection, but it’s very resource-intensive on both client and server side. Nowadays the different smartphone platforms have developed solutions to this problem, but more resource limited devices still don’t have a good one.

I provide a solution to this problem. I will compare multiple possibilities and evaluate the implementational questions. To test the solution, I will use a dedicated board, which can communicate with other, virtual devices and the internet. The main task is to minimize the load of the server and the device and the communication between them.

The immediate notification of smart home appliances can be used in many cases in applications where the fast response is very important. Besides, the user experience can highly increase, if devices become real time remotely controllable.


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