Development of an online poker application on Java EE platform

OData support
Imre Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In these days the most in demand applications are maybe those, which can be used remotely and can be easily downloaded from the internet. Making remote application has always been a challenge and it meant plus work for programmers and designers. An efficient tool, which is needed to create the application, could highly ease our job. For making large business applications, which are used to have many users and remote functions, Java Enterprise Edition is prevalent used platform.

I also choose this platform for writing my thesis. I would like to go through with writing a remote application that has a familiar and interesting subject to me. After a long thinking process I decided to create a poker platform.

In these programs we should take into consideration that we will have a wide user community that will later use services provided by our application. According to this, my main goal is to create a nice user interface and improve the user experience.

During my thesis I developed an application, which is easy to distribute, don t need client side configuration and has minimal client side requirements. The application provides a card game, called Texas Hold’em. Our registered users can contest each other in this game. This program observes the rules. Due to the server side game flow, the clients always see the updated view of the game. The server and the client communication is optimal in terms of calls. The client view only updates when a change has been occurred. The concurrent game flow does not conflict with itself and other game flows. If we would like to add-in some new poker variants or functions we could do so easily.

I put great volume on the user interface. I made a user-friendly, restful construction as an outcome. The table view is well designed, its colors and structure is well matured.

My work satisfies the initial requirements.


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