Development of online customer segmenting CRM module and an iOs client

OData support
Dr. Martinek Péter
Department of Electronics Technology

There is a taut situation between companies in our global world for acquiring customers. One wins, who is satisfying its customers on higher level. This is the reason, why companies want to get more and more information about their customers. CRM systems give a good solution to store these information. Based on this data, companies are able to estimate customer needs and they can improve the quality of their services. Customers are different, but by analyzing them some similarities are observable. To making use of these similarities could be useful for the company because custom offers could be sent to segmented groups of customers. The availability of data is very important in our mobilized world for an agent or a sales person. Agents can be supported by the data they need on the procedure of selling. It could be also useful, to get relevant product recommendations from the system when inserting a new client. The agent can present these recommendations for the customer and it can lead to purchases, and purchases can lead to a higher income.

My thesis is about to solve these problems by developing and completing the CRM System of Danubius Informatika. The system was built for banking and insurance company agents. I am solving the problem by integrating a customer segmentation module in the system. The efficient running is guaranteed by a big data technology. I am setting to the existing system a new iOS application, which was built with the newest technologies. The application is capable to support the sales process, with lots of functions and affords a solution to segment new customers. By the result of this solution, agents can present more product recommendations to a recently inserted client. These recommendations can get purchases.


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