Online Realtime Multiplayer Game-Server Development

OData support
Dr. Maliosz Markosz
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

In my thesis my task was to design and implement a server for a real-time multiplayer game. The main tasks of the server are: serve the connected clients, handle and check the operational messages, identify and pair the users using their score taken from the highscore list, and store the scores.

The thesis contains three main chapters. In the first chapter I review the history of multiplayer games and also present the well-known tower defense game type and the Android operating system.

The second part contains the design and the implementation of the server. First I examine the existing transport layer types, then I choose the optimal one for the server. The remaining part describes the parts of the server, such as:

- Pairing

- Encryption

- Database

- Synchronization

- User handling

- Detection of cheating

- Error-handling

- Administration interface

In the last chapter I analyze the result of the measurements. I present the delay and the data usage values of the game using different network types.


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