Supporting online shopping on Windows Phone 8 platform

OData support
Dr. Mészáros Tamás
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In recent years, mobile phones have developed greatly over both hardware as well as in the field of operating systems. The computing power of modern devices have became comparable to desktop computers performance. This technological progress has opened up new possibilities in mobile platforms. One such area is the augmented reality.

The augmented reality is the virtual extension of the reality. When you look around through the mobile phone's camera a given area, the visible shops opening hours or description will be displayed.

The implemented application is able to support the shopping and the daily routine. The application can display the establishments located all around us, like shopping centers, restaurants or even places of entertainment.

The application consists of two major components. A server-side WCF web service, and a Windows Phone 8 client application. The server side is responsible for providing the data for the client. The mobile client is primarily responsible for displaying the data received from the server.

To ensure proper user experience, which includes the fact that any part of the world should be exists displayable results within a given category, the data had to be obtained from third-party content provider. Google Places service seemed an ideal choice.


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