Online video interview system on Azure platform

OData support
Dr. Kővári Bence András
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Today's world is filled with interviews: job interviews, television programs, exams and so on. The commonality between these interviews is that they require not only the interviewee but one or more interviewers who ask the right questions and watch/analyze the interviewee's reactions. For example, this lengthens job interviews, makes them more complex thereby raising the costs of the interview.

A more pleasant solution would be if interviews could be templated requiring the interviewer(s) to assemble the interview only once, and this templated interview could later be used to interview any number of subjects. As an advantage, these interviews could be evaluated and analyzed independently by the interviewers. Even with the obvious disadvantage of not having personally met the interviewee costs can be lowered even if these templated interviews serve only as a first of a series of interviews.

In the past few years cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular. Cloud computing is a way to reduce infrastructure costs by outsourcing computation and data storage to 3rd party (distributed, high-availability) computer systems. These outsourced programs can usually be accessed over the internet.

Using cloud computing one needs to pay only for the resources (computational power, storage, etc.) that are actually used.

In my thesis I research how an online video-interview system could be implemented using cloud computing based on Microsoft's Windows Azure platform.


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