Development of an Online Sailboat Competition Tracking System

OData support
Dr. Szécsi László
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In my thesis I will outline the steps of developing an Online Sailboat Competition Tracking System. These problems are not unique for sailboat tracking, many of them occur in different systems across the field.

The concepts and solutions applied, and detailed outlining of the designing perspectives is mandatory in getting to the complete solution. Furthermore, the occurances of given technologies in existing systems, their usage in correcting the emerging problems is also part of the following pages.

The system I have envisioned may be used commercially in the future, my hopes are, unlike the others already in use, it will be able to fulfil the tasks it was trusted to carry out without problems. I also hope, that in the future, after some upgrades it will serve as an obvious and multifaced solution to track and maybe organizing sailboat competitions.

On a technological perspective, the displaying components of the system were written in JavaScript, while the server was implemented in Java. The servicing components use technologies intended for business environment, such as Spring framework, PostgreSQL database or Redis key-value storage. The micro-services architecture adjusted to high performance has been designed mainly for cloud platform, such as Amazon Web Services, but from this perspective the application is independent of supplier.


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