Developing a self-management application on Android platform

OData support
Gazdi László
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In our 21th century world the development of technology is rapidly increasing. More and more users access to more and more devices which are getting cheaper and advanced in functionality and through these people have the opportunity to improve life circumstances. The most common one is probably the smartphone which can be a great help in organizing work and private life. At the same time the countless choice can be a difficulty too. Picking the right option and maintain the applications, keeping your focus and do not wander into the maze of social media and other kind of entertainment. These thoughts led me to bring up the idea of an app which brings the life-organizing functions into one app.

In my thesis I will describe an app which makes available more organizing functions on one surface. For users the most neccessary functions are probably the alarm and reminder functions. It is also important, that if necessary we are able to write down our thoughts at any moment. For this purpose taking notes and managing calendars are great options. Keeping our financials transparent a wallet which does not forget comes in handy. Knowing the weather without any other devices is also useful. The app beside the others mentioned above provides the opportunity to take control over your phone and block some features to help keeping your focus. You can also ask help from your friends for it.

In the first chapter I am going to describe the background of the idea, then in the second chapter I am going to write about the details of the task. The third chapter is about the market research, and in the following chapter I will present the technologies used in development. The steps of the planning will be discussed in the fifth chapter, then follows the details of the implementation. After that I will describe the methods and results of testing in the seventh chapter. Finally I will write about my experiences and tell a few words on the future plans.


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