Simulation of blocksignal system in model train environment

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Dr. Kollár Zsolt
Department of Broadband Infocommunications and Electromagnetic Theory

The railway traffic has a lot of beneficial properties, which are exploited in public transportation and in cargo transportation. The track transport development has multiplied the number of trains, the speed and promptness have become important factors in public transport, while the railway stations and the train stops have become more complex in structure. The extreme complexity of the system requires the application of traffic controllers that can control human activity and can minimize the risk of accidents traced back to human errors.

Different categories and types of railway traffic controllers exist, including the line safety equipments, which ensures accident-free traffic between two railway stations. The block signal system is classified as a line safety equipment.

This thesis is about the implementation of a block signal system, which simulates a real-life traffic control system. It took into consideration the use of the model railway standards, and the available solutions. An additional, objective was to develop a signaling system which is compatible with the system operated in meetings of FREMO, a popular European organization that prefers simulating real-life railway traffic in its meetings.


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