On-the-fly data encryption

OData support
Dr. Dudás Ákos
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

At the beggining of the 21st century many users store their personal documents (for example photos or videos) data online. Becouse of the spread of the internet a brand new data storage technique is started to take over, and it is called cloud data storage. The prupose of cloud data storage is to store our files in data servers, and we can access it using the internet. Many of the computer users use this data store services, but the few of us are fully aware of the risks that come.

The uploaded data is bypass from the personal space. Although the providers of the data storage services use security measures to protect the datas, even so the cybercriminals can steal them. The theme of my thesis inspired by the fact, that we should make the personal data storage in the cloud more safe.

The goal of my thesis is to implement an application that can encrypt our data on-the-fly. It means, that the personal data is encrypted in the computer memory, and after the encryption we upload the encrypted data only. In this way the stolen data is unusable for the criminals, becouse it is encrypted by a symmetric data encryption algorithm and it only can be opened with the secret key what we used at the encryption procedure. If we open our files by the application, we can easily access our plain documents, because the applicaion decrypts the files.

In my thesis, I will present three cloud data storage provider, and their services. Furthermore I will show how to use an encryption algorithms, and after all I will implement an application, that can encrypt the files on-the-fly.


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