Design of irrigation system controller

OData support
Dr. Benesóczky Zoltán
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Nowadays, people are using automatic irrigation systems at small farms, and also at homes. By this system, there are lots of areas where the water needs to transferred, and the different plants needs different value of it. For the control of water supply for each area, electromagnetic valves have been used. A programmable controller system are opening and closing the valves in different times which were set by the user. Different sensors has been used for the control, which sensors can modify the programmed time.(etc temp sensor, rain sensor, flow meter...) If a blackout happens, the controller save the program and also the clock doesn’t stops. The sensors communicate with the microcontroller on I2C, serial port and on one wire bus. Four buttons has been installed to set the program. The time of the irrigation is able to set by the user on a simply menu which is displayed in an LCD screen (2x16 characters).The system is also prepared to connect a PC in USB port for remote control. The valves are operated from 24VAC. For switching the operating voltage to the valves relays has been used. There are few LEDs installed that gives feedback about the valves (the valve is on or off), the connected sensors, and a possible Error.


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