Designing Human-Machine Interface for an Autonomous Vehicle

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Gazdag András Gábor
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Self-driving cars are vehicles that have been equipped with digital apparatus, so that they can take part in vehicular traffic using little to no human intervention. With the help of its sensors it can perceive the objects in its surroundings. Based on the data generated by these sensors, it plans the most optimal route possible, that will be traversed. Nowadays we can hear more and more about them, and they are very likely to become the future's main means of transportation.

There can be several solutions to create a connection between a human and an autonomous car. In my thesis I will present two, not too different approaches beginning from the planning to the finished implementation. One of them is an application which can display a user interface on a tablet placed in the automobile. The other is a smartphone app that makes it possible to gain information from the vehicle and also communicate with it. Besides these I will write about the system that makes these programs possible to work, along with the networks used in modern cars.


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