OpenGL based Game Development on iOS platform

OData support
Dr. Blázovics László
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Today’s mobile devices, primarily mobile phones, are part of our everyday life. These devices, just like every field of computer technology, are constantly under development, providing increasingly higher performance and thus a platform for applications that are more complex and can benefit from this higher performance. Since the release of the first smartphones, more and more people have such high performance devices and their numbers are growing constantly. The same can be said about tablets that were introduced to the public a few years ago and their popularity is growing since. These tablets often grant higher performance than smartphones.

Computer games always took advantage of the performance of available hardware. New hardware usually meant that developers improved existing game features and added new ones. Games for mobile devices are no different.

I created a game for Apple’s iOS platform. This platform is made up of the iOS mobile operating system and the devices using it. Apple’s devices provide hardware support for 3D graphics and the possibility to use OpenGL to take advantage of it. Since these devices have reasonably high computing performance, I used an open source physics engine, called Box2D, to simulate the movement of objects in the game. Using OpenGL and Box2D I created a game engine, and a game built on that game engine. In this game the player controls a ball and the aim is to move the ball to a specified location. The game is controlled by tilting the device, to achieve this I used the built in accelerometer.

The game created takes full advantage of iOS devices, using their computing performance and special hardware such as the accelerometer.


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