Evaluation of Load Balancing Alternatives in OpenStack

OData support
Dr. Maliosz Markosz
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

OpenStack is a widely used open platfrom for cloud infrastructure services. In the OpenStack system there are two options for load balancing. First option is when we use it as a service (LBaaS – Load Balancing as a Service) with the built in component. In this case we have less configurational options. The second option is when we use our own virtual machine as a load balancer, but the installation and configuration have to be done by us and we have to connect the application to the servers too. Nevertheless we have much more configuration options.

The theme of my thesis is to build and configure an OpenStack (version newton) environment, where any the mentioned load balancer solutions can be built and tested. Therefore I have configured web servers to test the OpenStack’s, Nginx’s and Apache’s load balancer. I learned the advantages and disadvantages of each by configuring them on my own. This is a valuable knowledge to anybody, who wants to find the solution that fits the best. Companies often use load balancing services, but there are so many options from the free ones. The aim of my thesis is to help choose the suitable load balancer.

I have studied how to configure these load balancers, and their algorithms. I have measured the response times by varying request and client numbers to compare their performance, to help deciding the most appropriate solution for given requirements.


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