Optimization of the enhancement of optical backbone networks.

OData support
Dr. Cinkler Tibor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

ICT companies primary purpose is to feed the generation of nowdays connection oriented society. Only the service provider's network or the customer budget can limit their needs for information. For network engineer is a day by day challenge to provide the capacity of customers demand. Which segment of the network, which part should be developed, expanded? The purchase of physical developement or a new end-point device is more expensive than a software extension most of the times.

The capacity is a very important factor, but reliability and availability too. If the service does not work for a while, customers will notice it quickly and even a one-minute outage can decrease the trust between the client and the service provider. It is necessary to use backup system and defense mechanisms that are able to maintain the service even a failure occurres.

In my work I have developed methods and algorithms by which the network’s capacity can be easily expand or support major expansion. I run simulations on a real optical network. In addition to optimization I dealt with various protection mechanisms feasibility.


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