Design of Optical Reflow Monitoring System

OData support
Kundra László János
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In the production of SMD-s (Surface-mount Devices) one of the most essential steps is the placement and soldering of the components into the PCB (Printed Circuit Board). The production line processes PCB-s and applies solder paste on them , after that the components are placed by pick-and-place machines. The next production step is sending the PCB-s troug the reflow oven, this machine heats up the boards, until the paste melts and creates mettalic bonds. This step is a black box. We can inspect the boards before and after the oven determining the completeness of the pasting and the orientation of the SMC-s (Surface-mount Components), however we have no knowledge of the strength of the bonds without destructive testing.

This is the reason of this project to create equipment capable of traversing trough the oven with the PCB-s, and capturing the reflow on video feed, while also measuring a temperature profile. With this we gain information on the bonds, and the wetting qualities of the solder paste.

There is a prototype device, however its video is less than satisfacory and it cannot measure temperature profiles. The goal is to create a more advanced setup, capable of making quality videos and data. With this information the reflow process can be optimized, and better quality SMD-scan be produced.


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