Comparison of optimization frameworks

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Nagy András Szabolcs
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Optimization occurs more and more nowdays in engineering tasks. The tasks complexity is growing with the computation speed of computers. Newer algorithms are published what are hard to follow.

The different algorithms are collected by optimization frameworks. These frameworks make the tasks which are connected with optimization easier. In the last years several frameworks were published. During this time no selection method were published.

In the second first paragraph I present the different definitions of optimization and I show different examples with them. I show many kind of different algorithms and I explain the behaviors of them. I present the basic structure of optimiation frameworks. In the third paragrap I show two concrete frameworks with a Knapsack problem. I solve the same problem with the frameworks. In the first I use the graphical user interface and in the second I implement is to a java project. In the fourth paragraph I build the comparing model with explanations of the choices. In the fifht paragraph I compare them with the model and I show the results of it. In the sixth paragraph I analyze the results. In the seveth paragraph I summarize my work and I tell about future work possibilities.


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