Optimized production capacity planning of automotive products

OData support
Dr. Gordon Péter Róbert
Department of Electronics Technology

During my work I got to know the main contributors of the capacity of SMT lines. These are the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and the cycle time. I learned the definition of both technology terms, and also the method of calculation. I created two charts to accurately track them. In these two charts the bottle neck of the line and also the main contributing factors for losses are easily visible. Both of them are implemented in the daily work for the engineering and the production. I proposed a concept to improve the tool what is used for the daily effectiveness, and I created a detailed specification to help the programming. I revised the cycle time measurement frequency, exactly defining for each process what, when and how it should be measured, and what is the resource need for it. According to this every three months the engineering states the data precise. I’ve made suggestions for the efficiency improvement what I tracked and implemented. I’ve created a line capacity forecast, and planned the investments according to the currently visible customer needs. I further came up with ideas to increase the efficiency, and to decrease the cycle time of the lines, and I’ve started the implementation of the new ideas.


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