Optimized drive control system for radio controlled vehicle

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Dr. Számel László
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In the two semester of my thesis I made a self-built specialized vehicle with remote controll. I choose the mechanical parts and built up there myself for the usage of car.

I planed the electrical schematic with adequate research. I made an impact study for the vehicle motor, after that I chose the better option for my application.

I researched the control options of the chosen motor type with the control methods and the optional supplements. Fort he protection I analyzed the risks and I tried to find a complete result for that.

I planed the control unit by myself, and I supervised the production. I refined the schematic and the supply circuits with impact study, and I built up with more steps. I analyzed the hardware risk too, I solved it with my best knowledge. Because of the high currents I paid attention to thermical loads.

I made test case for the mechanical parts and the circuits of the vehicle and I built up a simulation enviroment to refine the control algorythm. The final control software was made after this simulation modell.

I measured the vehicle‘s electrical parameters and tested the right operation. I tested the car in both laboratory and the natural conditions. After the test result I highlighted the weaknesses of the final version of the car.


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